Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Inglot Lipstick '401'

Today’s review is on Inglot’s matte lipstick in 401. It’s a bright orange, perfect for this spring! I’m a huge fan of Inglot lipsticks and they are among my favourites, but unfortunately their matte lipsticks are something I will not be purchasing from them any time soon, which is a shame.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

M.A.C Rebel Lipstick Review + Swatch!

Today’s review is on one of M.A.C’s lipsticks called ‘Rebel’. It is part of their permanent collection and is really popular this spring. I went to the M.A.C counter looking for an awesome new lipstick that was bold and daring as I’m not a hardcore fan of lipstick, and the assistant pointed me straight to Rebel and made me try it on. At first I thought I looked weird, but after continuously looking at myself in the mirror I liked it more and more and just bought it. This lipstick would be perfect for autumn/fall but I’d definitely wear this all year round.

Nail of the Day: O.P.I Hot & Spicy

Today’s nail of the day is O.P.I’s Hot & Spicy. Now that its spring, pastels and bright colours are back so I thought I could sport this with my nails. Orange is my favourite colour at the moment, and has been for quite a while :) I picked up this nail polish in a two pack from Salon Melbourne for $15AUD. It came with a nice little makeup bag and another nail polish called LA Paz-itively Hot. Click here to see my Salon Melbourne haul post.

Natural Light, 3 Coats

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Face of Australia Primer 'Black' Review

Tonight’s review is on Face of Australia’s (FOA) Black Primer. FOA have two primers available at the moment a black one and a white one and I picked this one up the black about a month ago because I ran out of my white primer. The main difference I found with the two is that the black one has SPF 15 and the white one doesn’t but contains vitamin e and chamomile. Other then that I feel they do just as good a job as each other and feel no different on the skin.
The packaging for it is nice as well, it’s black and in an easy squirt bottle and you get 50mls in it.

M.A.C Painterly Paint Pot Review + Swatch!

I’m finally getting around to reviewing one of my most favourite makeup products, the M.A.C Painterly Paint Pot. I bought this about 8 months ago. i picked it up at my local M.A.C store for $35AUD I think. My favourite beauty guru Amarixie used it in all of her videos so I just had to have it. The Paint pots from M.A.C are just awesome! They are just as great as the colour tattoos from Maybelline if you are looking for something more affordable. See my blog post on my Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo’s. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garnier BB Cream 'Light' Review + Swatches!

Hello there everyone, I hope the world is treating you right :)

Today's review is on Garnier's new BB Cream! Ive been searching for a BB cream/tinted moisturiser for a while now and saw this one on sale at K-mart, so I decided to pick it up. For those of you who don't know what a BB cream is, it's an all-in-one product that can replace your moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen and even primer. It can be worn alone as a light foundation or you can even apply powder to the top for a fuller coverage. It's basically a lightweight foundation with all the goodies in it.

Garnier BB Cream 'Light'

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nail of the Day: Rimmel Exotica + O.P.I Black Shatter


Today’s nail of the day is to go with my ‘Jigsaws Girlfriend’ Halloween makeup tutorial that is on its way. I thought I would stick with the theme of red and black and use Rimmel’s I Love Lasting Finish in ‘Exotica’ and O.P.I’s Shatter nail polish in Black. Another great nail art you could do for this look is to paint your nails white or black and do the red swirl (like the cheek) on the middle of the nail.
Rimmel 061 Exotica, O.P.I Shatter Black

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OCC Lip Tar Review & Swatches!

Today’s review is on the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) lip tars. I bought my first lip tars at IMATS Sydney 2011, and using them is so much fun. The three colours I’m doing a review on today are Banjee, Grandma and Narcissus, which are 2 pinks and an orange.

OCC Lip Tars: Narcissus, Grandma, Banjee
OCC really put a new meaning to “a little goes a long way”. To cover your lips you only need a blob that is maybe a third of the size of a pea. And that will cover it extremely well. The lip tars come in so many colours that you can mix to make new colours. Lip tars are pretty much paint for your lips. The formula is similar to paint, but it’s a little thinner, but color payoff is pretty much exactly the same if you were to paint your lips.
OCC Lip Tar: Grandma
OCC Lip Tar: Narcissus
OCC Lip Tar: Banjee
The packaging is cute, it’s like the old school lip gloss tubes you squeeze out onto your lips and swipe it across. I wouldn’t recommend doing that with the lip tars, they are extremely pigmented and if you squeeze too much on there it will just end up a mess. The best way I find to apply these is the squirt out a little bit so its sitting flat onto the applicator and then taking a lip brush just apply it that way. OCC are cruelty free which is another bonus for me.
The lip tars last agers!  I wouldn’t hesitate to say they’d last all day. They dry as if it were paint and don’t move without a wet one or some makeup remover. So if you’re in a stage show for a couple of hours, I recommend using the lip tars because you will not have to touch up! Have any of you tried them? What is your favourite color/color combination? Let me know :)


Love you guys xo

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nail of the Day: Rimmel London 'Misty Jade'

Finally another nail of the day! Today’s NOTD is Rimmel’s Misty Jade. Sadly I had to chop all my nails off today because they were starting to split and be all different shapes, so I’ve cut them down into a round shape (which I’m not overly fond of)
Spring has started this week here in Australia and it’s time for all the pastels. This color is amazing. I love the minty green color of it. It’s definitely my favourite color for this spring. I actually bought this about 6 months ago and wore it a lot, I haven’t worn it in a while I thought I’d give it another whirl.
Rimmel London I  Lasting Finish '045 Misty Jade'

I’m a huge fan of Rimmel’s nail polish ranges. They are such great quality and very affordable. Misty Jade is a shade from their I Lasting Finish range. I bought this nail polish on special for $4.95AUD at Priceline and thought it was a bargain. I bought a dupe of this a few weeks before but the formula wasn’t what I was looking for. The dupe was from Face of Australia, but I have put it in the bin since then.
Do you like Rimmel? What’s your favourite color? :)
Love you guys xo

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Maybelline FITme! Foundation Review

Today’s review is on Maybelline’s FITme! foundation. I bought this foundation a few months ago in a gift pack along with its matching powder and concealer. I bought the set for $20AUD which was an absolute steal as all 3 products separately would equal to about $45AUD. Id wanted this foundation for quite a while, but I just never got around to purchasing it until I found this pack.
The packaging is great, I think it’s classy and really simple. It has a glass bottle and a plastic lid, so be careful when applying it in the bathroom. Although there isn’t a pump on the bottle. I usually like foundations with a pump or be able to squeeze it out of something but this one is just open so the lid does get really messy if you don’t clean up after applying it to your hand or whatever. To avoid mess, I use a spatula and stick about a 10 cent piece size on my hand and that will cover my entire face.
The shade I bought was the 120 and I found it a little dark for me, I have white skin with lots of freckles and I found this one was a tad too orange for my skin, but I will definitely be using this during the summer time. Along with the foundation the concealer was dark for me as well, although I found that the powder was a perfect match for me. A great bonus about this foundation is that it comes in so many shades and in different tones as well. Some are more yellow toned and others are red toned.
The coverage for this foundation is really good, its lightweight and it has an SPF of 18, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing this foundation if you are going to be having flash photography taken of yourself as the SPF does reflect light and makes you look 10x as white. The formula wouldn’t be suitable for people with oily skin as well, as I found that it will slide right off after only wearing it for a short while. So if you have oily skin, I’d give this foundation a miss. If you have a lot of skin problems and want more coverage I wouldn’t recommend this to cover blemishes. I found that this gives a nice thin lightweight coat for color. If you have great skin then I’d definitely recommend this to you.
Have you tried this foundation? Does it work well for you?

love you guys xo

Monday, September 03, 2012

Illamasqua Cream Blush 'Laid' Review & Swatch!

I can’t believe its September already in 2012! I feel like this year has gone nowhere! I’m going to start off September with another review from Illamasqua. It will be for their cream blush in ‘Laid’.
Illamasqua Cream Blush 'Laid'
As always the Illamasqua packaging is just divine. It’s so professional yet so funky and different from everyone else. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is that it fingerprints easy. If I hold it, it’s covered in fingerprints and I don’t think that’s very attractive, especially when it’s going through your kit.
This was the first cream blush I’ve bought. I bought this from IMATS in 2011 and have used it a fair bit and think it’s worth a review. Don’t be alarmed by the brightness of this blush, it blends! And it blends into a lovely rose pink color. Great thing is, you can wear it on your lips as well, and I think it’s a gorgeous lip color. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.
Illamasqua Cream Blush 'Laid'
The formula is great. It’s not sticky and doesn’t feel like cake on your face. The blush in its dewy finish will last about 6 hours for me, but if I set my face with translucent powder it lasts 12 hours easy. It’s so pigmented. A little really does go a long way.
Do you like cream blush? What one is your favourite?
Love you guys xo