Sunday, August 05, 2012

Michelle Phan 'Myer Melbourne Masterclass'

Hey everyone :)

On Friday, I met the one and only Michelle Phan! She was holding a master class at Myer Melbourne with Lancôme. Tickets were $50, redeemable with Lancôme products.

For those of you who don’t know Michelle Phan... she is a YouTube sensation! She has been posting beauty and makeup tutorials since 2007 and is top 10 most viewed on YouTube and I think she is the most subscribed girl on YouTube. Not sure tho. But anyway she is my idol; she is the one who inspired me to become a makeup artist.
Michelle Phan
 They had a few people speak at first... as well as 3 Lancôme makeup artists and 3 models on stage. They were recreating looks for Lancôme’s new makeup packs, one that Michelle had made herself. Sharni and I got up to level 6 at mural hall and saw soooooo many people! A part of me wasn’t expecting that at all. I felt like I was the only one who knew her and that she was my idol and it wouldn’t have such a massive turn out, but I was sadly mistaken!

We got called to get our names checked off and I was handed a purple wristband so I could drink ehheehe. All they had was champagne... vodka would have been better. We pushed in line and went inside with the first group of people and we were absolutely shocked! This place was decked out! It was so fancy and decorated so well. Oh and not to mention... HOT WAITERS! Michelle really did go all out for this! We were waiting in line and waiters were bringing around food and drinks for everyone... the food was so odd. They served slices of beef in some sauce in little bowls and Morang balls on a stick... to me... that’s odd lol.

All of a sudden the doors opened to the hall... Sharni and I pushed and shoved again to get as close as we could to the stage. And I think we were sitting about 4 rows back right on the isle. So we did really well :) the stage was set out so amazing. There were 3 makeup stations and 3 model chairs and banners upon banners of Michelle and also two massive screens with videos of Michelle playing with Lancôme products.

We waited around for a bit and then a few people I didn’t know spoke for a bit. Then final Michelle came on stage, she was so beautiful and graceful and was wearing great dress! Her hair was great and makeup was amazing as well... although, she didn’t do it herself. She had her own makeup artist. Being a makeup artist myself... I’d do my own makeup! But anyway... she looked stunning. But unfortunately, she wasn’t on stage for long. She spoke for about 15 minutes just saying some tips (which I already knew from her videos) and then talking about products.
was really hard to get a decent photo of Michelle, she kept moving lol
 After Michelle was on stage she went to another room waiting for her photo to be taken with 400+ girls. So Sharni and I ran to go get our photo with Michelle. I was so excited and so nervous to meet her it wasn’t funny! I went up to her and introduced myself, but she didn’t seem too fazed, she just shook my hand and said it was nice to meet you. We took the photo and she said don’t forget to check out the makeup stations...

I wanted to tell her... you are my idol. I have watched you since your first video... and I have watched you evolve into an amazing and successful person and you are the person who inspired me to become a makeup artist. I am who I am today because of her. But no. I didn’t get a bar in. I understand she was in a rush but some little bit of interest would have been nice. As for the photo. Not impressed. The Myer lady said it was fine, but poor Sharni was blinking and the photo was extremely saturated and I look white as all hell. But not to fear! My dad is editing it for us and is going to make it look moral and give Sharni eyes. So not all is lost... thank god.

After we got our photo taken Sharni and I went into the hall again and had a look at the products and the primer took our eyes... we were asking where we would get it from and we were told to go downstairs to the Lancôme counter... so Sharni and I left and as we were leaving we got a little goodie bag with a few skin products, mini eyeliner and a mini mascara. I was soooooo happy with that. So we went down stairs and people had the same idea to beat the rush upstairs and just come downstairs haha. It was a mad rush. I was so indecisive of what I wanted to spend my $50 voucher on. In the end I bought the Doll Eyes mascara which I will be doing a review on soon :) the mascara was only $2 after the voucher... so I was happy with that haha.

my awesome 18+ wristband :)
After that Sharni and I headed home... our feet were killing us (as we were in heels) so we made a little pit stop into Rubi shoes and bought some flats for myself and Sharni bought actual slippers haha. All in all it was a good night. I got to meet Michelle Phan and hug her and be around her, so it wasn’t all bad. I was just mainly disappointed that it wasn’t really a master class because she wasn’t doing any actual makeup... and also that our photo was shit and she was very rushed to get it over and done with.

Did yoy meet her? let me know your story!
love you guys xo


  1. Her dress was horrible. Did you learn anything from this? Let us know how it was ! :)

    1. yeah i agree her dress was a little weird. i think it suited her tho :) and no i didnt learn anything to be honest. ive watched her videos from the start and already knew most of her tricks. i thought she was going to do actual makeup but as i said she was only on stage for about 15 minutes :(

      did you go? :)

  2. I was also there and felt the same that it was a bit rushed and was disappointed that there was no "class" so to speak. The photo opportunity was really rushed and I'm sure a lot of other girls had things they wanted to say too but again, it was all too rushed and the most i got in to say was "i hope you have a safe flight home" lol, but she probably didnt even hear it. anyways, i enjoyed reading your post, check out mine if you have time, I have some pics too :)

    1. yeah i was really dissapointed :( oh well, she is a busy girl i suppose. i noticed on her instagram that she was at the airport around 8.30pm.. no wonder why she was rushed! (look at me, stalker much?)
      your post was great! goodluck with everything xo