Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photoshoot: 21st Century Inspired

hey everyone! :)

i have the professional photos from my 21st century inspired shoot with Jaime Laycock and Daniel O'Brien. the photos turned out amazing. I'm soooooo happy with them. the makeup looked exactly how i wanted it and they were edited to perfection.

the makeup consists of:
. matte flawless complexion
. arched eyebrows, filled in
. blue eyeshadow, block
. navy eyeliner on upper lash line
. white eyeliner on waterline
. bright green bottom lashes
. navy blue top lashes
. bright orange lipstick
. matte brown contour

my inspiration for the shoot was the 21st century and color blocking. I'm not really sure how i came up with the hair but i thought it looked really edgy and just what the makeup needed. can you guys what i made the hair piece out of? no? well i made it out of a toilet roll. i just colored it in with a black texta and vwala :) cool huh? my partner Adam gave me the idea for the clothes. i originally wanted Jaime in a jumpsuit that was a bright color. but i was wondering around Supre with Adam and he suggested the skirt, and i found the boob tube.


so I'm extremely happy with everything. i think everything compliments each other. hope you guys enjoy the photos :) and thanks again to Jaime Laycock and Daniel O'Brien for everything!

please check out Jaime and Daniel's Facebook's :)

love you guys! 

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