Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Inglot Sleek Lipgloss '45'

Ah, I love Inglot, everything about it is great. Today’s review is on one of their lip glosses. I bought this for my birthday this year with a voucher I got from my boyfriend and since my favourite colour is orange I just had to buy an orange one :) and the colour number is 45.

This orange is bright all things shimmer. I love it, especially on top of a nude lipstick it gives such a subtle orange shimmery tinge to the lips. The formula isn’t bad either, it’s not super sticky or thick which is good. But I have found better lip glosses. Another good thing is I picked this up for $22AUD, so their lip glosses are very affordable and they come in so many colours and finishes.

The packaging is awesome! I’m in love with how these look! It looks like a test tube you find in a lab to do experiments with haha. The wand is just your typical sponge tip and I find it applies the lip gloss well. The lip gloss itself smells nice, it doesn’t have that yucky makeup smell that some lipsticks and lip glosses get.

Do you have any Inglot Lip glosses? What’s your favourite colour? :)

Dannielle xo

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