Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Favourite! - Avon Glimmersticks

Hey everyone :) Today I'm going to start doing some segmants called 'My Favourite!' i will show you my favourite product of a certain catagory and im going to start off with my favourite stick eyeliners :) They are from Avon and they are called ‘Glimmersticks’. These were my first eyeliners when I started using makeup and I swear by them. My mum used to order from Avon a lot when I was little and she would grab the eyeliners and once I was of age (i suppose I bought myself a few and started using them. 

emerald glow, sugar plum, emerald, dark brown, cosmic brown, blackest black, starry night

Over the years I have collected the colours and tried them out and I think they are great eyeliners. The formula is nice. It’s not overly creamy but they still glide on without a fuss. The colour choices are great as well, I mean they don’t have bright colours, they just have basic dark colours, like black, navy, dark green, plum etc...  I have 3 Glimmersticks, ‘Blackest Black’, ‘Starry Night Blue’ and ‘Cosmic Brown’. They also have ‘Glimmersticks Eyebrow Definers’ which is pretty much the same thing if you ask me, but I do have separate eyeliner to brow sticks.

starry night blue, blackest black, cosmic brown
starry night, blackest black, cosmic brown
Over the last few years they bought out another kind of glimmerstick that had little tiny bits so shimmer, and they call them ‘Glimmersticks Diamonds’. These are great as well I have two of them ‘Sugar Plum’ and ‘Emerald Glow’ they are the same formula as the regular ones and I think look really cute.

sugar plum, emerald glow
emerald glow, sugar plum
I love the packaging of these, they have changed them in the past couple of years they used to be a shimmery navy blue colour which you can see below and now they are plain black and simple to read. These eyeliners are retractable which I think is the best thing because I hate having to sharpen pencils when I can just wind it up :) and you can also wind these down as well. I get these from Avon for about $8AUD on sale, and then I think they are originally $12AUD.

What’s your favourite eyeliner? Let me know and I’ll try them out :)

Dannielle xo

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