Friday, October 12, 2012

'Jigsaw's Girlfriend' Makeup Tutorial

I’m very very very excited to announce that I am back to YouTube with Halloween tutorials! I have had a huge gap with my videos as you know. Now that I am settled into my new house I’m going to start my videos again, starting with this one!

I was originally going to go all out and do paper Mache and make cheeks to do Jigsaw, but I noticed everyone had done it already on YouTube, so I wanted to do something a little different. Halloween is sometimes known for girls to dress in short sexy outfits and rock the town... So I thought I would take a bit of that and do a sexy-ish version of jigsaw. So I came up with ‘Jigsaws Girlfriend’ which I think is really cool.

For the makeup I didn’t want to do just a round black eye like he had, so I decided to do a black smokey eye with some red on the lid. I also did an exaggerated red lip and red swirls n the cheeks. For the nails I did red nail polish with a black shatter nail polish. I have a blog post on them so click here to see. The makeup products used were:
- Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation, 02
- KETT Translucent Powder
- M.A.C Paint Pot, Painterly
- Inglot Eyeshadow, 65
- Inglot Eyeshadow, 449
- M.A.C Fluidline, Blacktrack
- Mont Marte Body Paint, Red
- Paintbox Eyeshadow, Black
- NYX Lip Pencil, Pumpkin

For the costume I just picked up stuff I already had a home except for the wig and bow tie. I picked up the wig for $10AUD from my local $2 store and then I bought the bow tie for $5AUD at my local OP shop. I was hoping to find a red one but all I could find were over sized sparkly ones which I didn’t like, so the black one had to do. For the blouse I grabbed one of my work shirts and I already had a nice blazer. For the leggings I bought them off eBay, click here to check them out. Jigsaw wears little red shoes, so I grabbed my red pumps to add a girly touch to the outfit. If you don’t want to wear heels, red flats would be perfect.

Enjoy the video!
Dannielle xo

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