Monday, July 16, 2012

Fear Parade

hello all! long time no blog!
not really sure of a good excuse as to why i haven't been posting but the main one is that Ive been really busy, i finished my makeup course and am now fully qualified and also getting stuck into my job. so hopefully i can kick start everything again starting with this post :)

On Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th i was on set of a television show pilot with the amazing Tony Rodgers. Tony Rogers is the creator and director of the television show 'Wilfred' and also a lot of TV commercials you see on Australian TV. working with him was a complete and utter honor. this is the biggest break i have received since i finished my course and i couldn't be more grateful.

The pilot is for a show called 'Fear Parade' and to be honest i have noooooo idea what the show will be about. after reading the script i was none the wiser. being on set didn't help either, because Tony changed everything, including scenes and script. so it was a little hard to keep up with the story line. but basically its supposed to be a horror comedy about ghosts and memories and a dog lol.

On this shoot i got to work with quite a few people i have worked with before on set of a short film called 'Green Eyed' so it was nice to catch up with those i hadn't seen for almost a year! on the shoot i was assisting with makeup for Jodie Watts. it was an absolute blast i got to do alot of makeup and help with creating looks and such.

Day 1 was shot at the Collingwood Children's Farm in an old house with a really creepy feel to it, and day 2 we filmed in Labassa, which is a beautiful old mansion owned by the Australian trust.

Labassa. Isn't it amazing?!

Here are some photos of the work i did :)

Belinda Misevski as 'Deidre'
Benjamin Rigby as 'Clive'

Aurora as a ghost
Shane Nagle as 'Phillip'
Isabel Harkensee as 'Elizabeth'

this was an amazing shoot and i hope it really does take off and become as popular as Wilfred :) thanks for reading everyone, i will be back shortly with more posts and hopefully more videos!

love you guys!