Tuesday, July 24, 2012

News Flash!

So I have some news for you all that follow this :)

My partner Adam and I are moving to Perth, Australia in about a month!! we haven't set a date yet, but i will definitely keep you all posted. this move was very sudden as well, i think we talked about it on Thursday the 19th and then on the 20th Adam said yes! hahah its like a marriage proposal, HE SAID YES, HE SAID YES! we are moving in with my dad in a place called Kelmscott. we are both very excited to start our new lives there. its going to be a refreshing kick in the butt! my dad is going to support us and help me do a lot of things with my career and also Adam's :)

In Perth we will be able to spread out a little bit more as we currently live with my mum, her partner and my brother and sister, whereas in Perth it will just be me, Adam and my dad. so Adam and i have a few rooms to ourselves which meannnnnnnssssssssssss...

wait for it....

I'm so bloody excited to get this room set up so i can start my YouTube tutorials and get stuck into my own makeup business and also work on this blog to make it better in any way! so in a couple of months i will start my new videos and they will be better quality, better lighting and also a better me :) I'm so excited to start fresh and come at you all hard haha.

i will keep you all posted on whats going to happen and some photos of where we will be staying etc. if you have any questions or even tips on moving, post a comment below :)

have a great week, and i will chat to you all soon :)

love you guys

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