Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Inglot Freedom System

When i was at I.M.A.T.S last year i went to Inglot and saw a huge line of girls crowding around holding boards and going crazy! i went up and spoke to one of the ladies and was introduced to the 'Freedom System' and i instantly fell in love! i was handed a board and all the prices and i went crazy. i think i spent an hour trying out colors and pushing through a lot of people to get colors!

so now that i have had time to use them and truly test how well they work, I've decided to write a review for you all to tell you what i think about this product :)

the Inglot freedom system is one of the best things to happen to makeup in my opinion. i love the freedom of being able to make my own palettes and choose the colors i want. i have a few Inglot palettes and they are the best makeup i have in my kit.

whats amazing abut the palettes is its not only eyeshadow. face powder, blush, lipstick and eye shadows are available for the freedom system. as pictured below i have made myself an 'everyday' kind of palette with my face powder, contour and 2 eyeshadow colors. i also have a 10 eyeshadow palette and a 5 lip palette and also another 5 eyeshadow palette.

10 Eyeshadow Palette
Top Line: Pearl 449, Shine 15, Pearl 403, Pearl 418, Pearl 436
Bottom Line: Pearl 440, Pearl 441, Matte 302, 67, Matte 338

All Rounder Palette
Face Powder, Contour, Shine 08, Pearl 409

5 Eyeshadow Palette
65, Shine 23, Matte 342, Matte 353, Matte 318
5 Round Lipstick Palette
03, 08, 16, 82, 54
the palettes are very professional. the lid is magnetic and so are the products so its really easy to reorganise if need be. the eyeshadow, blush and face powders come in square pans whereas the lipsticks come in round pans and they look amazing with the palettes. i find them so convenient to have in my makeup kit and a great thing about them is you can reorganise them for certain jobs you may have or if your traveling, you can change them around to suit you. all you do to change them around is the corner magnet of the lid and hold it on the rim of the pan and move it around till it pops out and attaches to the lid magnet.

so i definitely recommend popping down to your nearest Inglot and talking to the staff about the freedom systems and trying them yourself. let me know how you go! :)

love you guys

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