Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Real Techniques 'Blush Brush'

I walked into Priceline yesterday after being at a photo shoot and as my friend Sharni was waiting to be served, the brush caught my eye.. What brush you ask? THE REAL TECHNIQUES ONES! I cannot express how much I have wanted these since their release, but to my dismay, they were only available in the UK and USA, pretty much anywhere but Australia.. Yes I could get them online but I didn’t want to go to a strange site and give them my money and eBay people were asking for ridonkulous amounts of money.

I saw the stippling brush displayed and got super super excited, I think I scared Sharni haha. So we started hunting around and found the section where they displayed the brushes. We both sat down on the floor trying to figure out which one I should grab first for about 10 minutes. So I figured I wanted a new face brush as I don't have much good ones. So I grabbed the blush brush.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, the Real Techniques bushes are made by makeup artist and makeup guru Samantha Chapman who you may know as 'Sam' on pixiwoo on YouTube. Her and her sister Nic have made an amazing reputation through YouTube and I have been watching their videos for years. When I heard Sam was releasing her own brush line I got really excited!

The blush brush to me it looks like an all over face brush. It is dual fibre, synthetic and amazingly soft. Since it's synthetic its amazing for cream blush! The instant I got on the train home I grabbed it out and tested it on my skin and I was in heaven. I picked the brush up on special for $21. I was impressed with how cheap they were. I'm also impressed with the design, Sam has gone all out on this one. The handle is pink and black and the writing is a darker pink but shiny. If you want to know more about the entire line, click here :)

if you’ve tried out the entire collection let me know id love to know which one to get next :)
love you guys

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