Monday, April 09, 2012

No Videos?

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great Easter and got lots and lots of chocolate! I don’t celebrate it, so it just felt like any other weekend to me haha.

I wanted to write a post to you all saying why I haven’t been making videos lately. A few people on YouTube have asked me where I have been and why I haven’t posted videos in a while (which is awesome to know people notice!) the reason being is that, I don’t feel that I’m showing you all who I am in my videos. There is no flare or individuality in the videos. My voice is flat, there is no personality and I don’t want you all to grow bored of my videos. I’m usually really bubbly, crazy and down to earth, and sadly that isn’t translating into my videos. I know I’m just starting out posting videos, but I want people to say wow right from the start. So I am currently in the process of revamping my videos and showing you all who I am and putting some fun into the videos I make. Makeup is so much fun to apply and to create, and I personally don’t think I was making it fun for you guys out there. I’ve been chatting to my dad who agrees on my thoughts for the videos and is helping me make things more fun and enjoyable for everyone. So be patient and I will be keeping you updated on what I’m doing right here on my blog :)

If you have noticed anything that can be done differently or any tips, I would love to hear what you all have to say! Thanks for all the support you are all giving me, it’s truly amazing!

love you guys!
p.s - so that this post isnt just writing, i thought id share a photo of a makeup look i re-created from Illamasqua. ENJOY! :)

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