Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update: Red Skull Challenge

hey everyone! :)

today I'm writing a quick update about my Red Skull challenge! i have started to make it as we speak and its coming along great! i searched on YouTube and google and what not to find ways i could make a Red Skull mask and came across one video that was really helpful! i found that it was going to be cheap and easy to make it. by using the items below i can make a mask that is going to be perfect!

what i need for the mask is:
. polystyrene head (who i have named Skully)
. air dry clay
. liquid latex

how i made air dry clay:
. 1 cup flour
. 1/2 cup salt
. 1/2 cup water

mixed these all together and kneaded it for about 10 minutes until it formed a squishy clay :)

once the clay is made you can start moulding your clay onto the polystyrene head to create the shapes on Red Skulls face. I've been using these two pictures as a guide..

once i found those pictures i started putting the clay on the face and started moulding all the shapes with my fingers and a spatula and here are my efforts so far :)

the next step after this is to apply about 15-20 layers of liquid latex all over the head and peel it off to make a mask :) i will also be making a bald cap out of liquid latex and applying that also :)

so stay tuned for more pictures and updates :)

love you guys!