Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nail of the Day: BYS Scented "Bright Orange"

hey everyone :)

today's NOTD is BYS's "Bright Orange" scented nail polish from their new scented range. bright orange is obviously a bright orange color. although, it doesn't smell like oranges. I'm really let down by the fact that they don't smell. they just smell like nail polish to me. i went to K-Mart last night and had a look at some other ones they had in the range, and i tried "Fairy Floss" and "Cherry" but they still smelt like nail polish. so i thought if i applied them it might smell when it dries. nope, nothing :( so i wouldn't recommend these nail polishes if you want a scented one. but i would definitely recommend these nail polishes on color and price. i picked this nail polish up for $3 from Carringtons in Melbourne's CBD.

all in all this nail polish is great. i only needed 2 coats to get a nice thick even coverage, and the price is very affordable. and the color range is beautiful. so let me know if you guys have tried out this range! click here to see the full range :)

love you guys! 

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