Monday, January 09, 2012

spfx: stretched eye & mouth

hey everyone! i did my first tutorial today! as you can tell by the title its a stretched eye and mouth look. i got my inspiration to recreate this from 'xbeingNEONx' on YouTube. i thought it was a fun to do and i want to do more like this! i am certainly no professional and aren't very good at special effects (yet), but i thought i would try it anyway :) it look me about 20 minutes to do the entire look. i hope you guys like it :)

products used:
. tissues
. Ben Nye liquid latex
. Ben Nye red, white and black color wheel
. Ben Nye fresh scab blood
. BYS eyeliner pencil in 'Flesh'
. Paintbox eyeshadow in medium brown
. Paintbox eyeshadow in black
. Avon smooth mineral powder in 'Almond'
. 4 pieces of white string
. Vaseline

also, this was my first attempt, and i know i could have done this so much better. so i might just do another video later down the tract to see how i have progressed. so don't judge haha. if you guys have any other tutorials you want to see. LET ME KNOW! :D

love you guys!

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