Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection

hey guys, this arvo i thought i would post my 'Tag: My Nail Polish Obsession' video and also do a blog post on my collection :) my collection isn't big, it might be big to some people haha. i have nail polishes from like 10 years ago that are still good :)

i keep my nail polishes in a tub that goes into a set of draws. i have filled the tub now and I'm struggling to find places to stick my nail polishes! i really want one of those wall mounted ones. but i will get those when i move out of home and have my own makeup studio/room :) so for now i store them in this tub. they are in order of color. i have a lot of different brands in the tub including: BYS, OPI, Rimmel, Blush Amour, Revlon, Cotton On,  Klean Color and Mode. i have a few randoms here and there and the art pens from eBay.

TAG: My Nail Polish Obsession :)

love you guys! 

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