Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review + Swatches!

Today’s review is on the new (to Australian stores) Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows as part of their Eye Studio range. They have been released in Australia for just over a month now and I’m so excited to be blogging about these. I remember when these were released in the US and I wanted them soooooo bad, but unfortunately they were really expensive on eBay and they hadn’t set a release date for Australia. So of course watching my favourite gurus use them was very depressing! Haha.

The cream eye shadows are supposed to be smudge proof and last 24 hours. these also claimed to be better then all makeup bases and cream eye shadows such as M.A.C paint pots etc. didn’t really think these would be any good seeing as they aren’t a high end cream eye shadow and I thought they would crease really easily, but a lot of reviews and people using them in their videos my mind was quickly changed!

I’m really impressed with this range as there is a great selection of bright/neutrals and matte/frosted colours. At this present time I only have 4, but I just couldn’t wait till I had all of them to blog about it. The four colours I have are Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Tenacious Teal and Audacious Asphalt. There are 10 currently released.

Bold Gold, Audacious Asphalt, Tenacious Teal, Painted Purple

Bold Gold, Audacious Asphalt, Tenacious Teal, Painted Purple

These formulations are pretty amazing. As I said I’m so impressed with these. I only have frosted colours at the moment but I have swatched the matte ones and they are just as amazing. The color payoff is great as well, they apply smooth and even. I would recommend this for an eye base because after trying them on myself, they would last for 24 hours. I swatched these on my wrist for this blog and I couldn’t take them off... it took a shower and scrubbing to get off. So if you need your eye shadow to last 24 hours, then you NEED these! So far the only differences between them that I have found is that the purple is more sheer then the other ones.

All in all, these are great! The color selections is great, the formula is great. It’s just GREAT! If you can’t afford $33 for a paint pot, then I suggest you start buying these. They range for about $12-15 Australian... which in my opinion is better than paying $33 :)

I hope you guys enjoyed the review; once I get the other colours I will definitely does a post of swatches for you all :) have an amazing week!

Love you guys xo

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