Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"Rookie Mistake" & Romantic Rock Designs Fashion Show

hey everyone!

long time no blog! i have been so busy its not funny lol. this past weekend has been HECTIC! i have been on set of a web series and also done makeup for a fashion show! so i thought i would blog and tell you guys about it all! :)

ok so i had to be awake at 5am to get into Melbourne city by 7am. i was on my way to the set of "Rookie Mistake" which is a web series created by Jason Albury. click here to watch the videos. i had to makeup about 7-8 people for a bar scene. i met some really amazing people and it was a lot of fun being behind the camera again. funny enough, i had to be an extra! so when the episode is edited I'll show you all and see if you can point me out haha. we wrapped nice and early which was nice (12.30pm) so i went home and hung out for a while till i needed to be in the city again for a fashion show!

on the set of Rookie Mistake at the Turf Bar.

i arrived at the Palace Theater at 6pm and waited for my crew to turn up. (i got the opportunity to be head makeup artist for this, so YAY!) anyway.. they all turned up and we went to a room that was poorly lighted and didn't have much room and we all started doing the makeup for the Romantic Rock Designs fashion show. it was amazing makeup, simple 1950's style with different colored lips. and don't get me started on the clothes! they were so different and weird and stunning! Emily, the director of the show said that 2 models didn't turn up. so myself and another artist Samantha stepped in and were models. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! i was expecting to just walk down a runway and be done with it, but we actually had to go around the club and take photos and all that jazz. then when it came to go on stage we were told to pose and dance! i was sooooooooooooo nervous! but the instant i walked out onto that stage i had an absolute ball! it was sexy, seductive and so gorgeous. i will have the photos very soon to show you guys! by the time the show was finished and i had packed up and everything it was 2am. i was absolutely WRECKED! by the time i got and went to sleep it was 3.30am.

this was me and Sammi before the 1st show in our outfits with hair and makeup :)

i had to be up at 4.45 to get to a crew members house at 6am for another day on the set of Rookie Mistake. being so tired the night before i forgot to set my alarm. i woke up to a txt at 6.10am saying "hey I'm at the end of my street with my hazards on" I've propelled out of bed going FUCK FUCK FUCK! i called everyone saying i was going to be late. i didn't end up getting to Laura's house till 7am and didn't end up getting to set till 7.30am. i got to set and everything was fine. i had 2 and a bit hours sleep and was up doing makeup all day long. we didn't wrap until 2.30pm or something like that and omg i was absolutely buggered. i got on the train and slept the entire way home lol. got home, played some halo and fell asleep at 8pm. and didn't wake up till 9am the next morning and i was still so tired! then to top it off i had work 1pm-4pm lol.

so that was my long busy weekend! how was everyone elses?

love you guys! 

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