Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

I'm in an amazing mood today, i have no idea why. so its review time! and last night i bought the new(ish) mascara by Rimmel called SCANDALEYES. Its pretty awesome if i do say so myself. One of my classmates from school bought it a few weeks ago and tried it on me and fell in love! I absolutely LOVE the packaging. Only because my favourite color is orange ;)

as you can tell, the wand head is HUGE! i found this to be a bit of a problem. because i have small eyes, the brush got onto my lid and don't get me started on tyring to do my bottom lashes! i don't think that big brushes work for me. the formula on the other hand is wicked! its not clumpy and its pitch black and does apply like a dream. but again, i would use a disposable mascara wand for it. so i would definitely make your way down to a drug store/chemist and purchase this!

here is a before and after shot of how my lashes look :)

if you guys try it out, tell me what you think :)

love you guys! 

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